I met this girly girl, she seemed the hippy type, beneath the surface she was more about the perfect life, she wanted fast cars, and hundred dollar bills, she’d charge her credit card that hardly covered all her thrills, and in the fast lane, she drives her man insane, see when I’m dreamin heard her screamin “daddy make it rain”, her mother called me up, said I’m not good enough, I’m proletariat and she was just a bougie
She’s a golddiggin lover, she got it from her mom, her silver step father bought her all that she wants, and she’s a golddiggin lover, she’s been undercover, her grandmother told me that I’m not what she wants, I’m not what she needs, she wants money, she doesn’t want me
She wanted everything, like golden diamond rings, her poppa bought her mocking birds but they don’t rhyme or sing, we built this house of love, but she was too corrupt, and in her eyes I’m seeing dollar signs I’ve had enough. She’s so material, I’m feeling so surreal, Salvador Dali hardly, Malibu Barbie party, glass floors and glass slippers too, she could lounge by the pool and be indifferent to you

Plastic Beauty Queen
Girl, you never told yourself, you were prettier than beauty queens, on the cover of a magazine.
See I appreciate the freckles speckling your nose, there’s no medical attention that can add beauty to those, did I forget to mention my obsession with your toes though I know your always stressin when your freddy flintstone shows, I know your buggin cause your Barbie figures off and I probably shouldn’t tell you this but God made women soft, so counting calories that never really drop, well its clever but I love you whether or not the weight is lost, and for your crooked smile I would probably walk a mile through the toxic crocodiles and piranhas on the nile, while your covering your flaws I pause to paint a perfect picture but the plastic surgery has murdered daisies now they’re withered, and those little orange roses only focus on their thorns and although I know you hate it girl I love you in the morning, and girl I love you in the evening, and girl I love you in the afternoon.
You see if love were magic, I’d be the rabbit hat trick, staple kid so I need no other practice, I’ll let you know if you’re a model or an actress, You’ve got to go because your all looking like crackheads, I need a woman who is naturally attractive, got her own curves she ain’t half made up of plastic, and she’s my sunshine that’s it, light up any room with her spark like a matchstick

79th and Flight
See I remember pacman and midnight snacks man when vision street wear was the latest fashion and feathered teased hair grabbed the ladies passion with new wave blastin that kept everybody dancing. I can’t imagine growing up without the 80’s like a fat kid with turkey but he ain’t got no gravy and maybe it’s like listening to R&B songs all night long without hearing baby, I know I’m crazy but lately I’ve been hoping, wishing, reminiscing back when I was six and, we lived on the navy base in san diego where the sunset lit upon the bay in Coronado, we would drive across the bridge in our brady bunch green auto and I’d say to myself
My life won’t get much better than this (I’m just gonna do it like I got to do)
And then my parents got divorced and of course we moved in with my mother, me, my two sisters and my brother we, loved each other but the world got cold and then it took my older sister got bless her soul, but my childhood went on and my friends they’d come and go, I remember in September when we’d all go back to school, you had your fresh threads on dressed like a million bucks I kicked it casual as usual with all black chucks and awe shucks, you called them bubble gum shoes but a dude with food stamps ain’t got much to choose, you see we didn’t have a lot but we for sure had each other and my favorite super hero was my loving older brother and…

The Proletariat
We’ve got some people in the system who are victims of tradition, they spend their whole live wishin we were switchin to visions of Dr. Luther King to bring the world together and have everybody sing, of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all races and religions of the worlds inhabitants, but we can’t live like this, no we can’t afford to live like this anymore.
Because the rich get richer while the poor stay poor, they can’t afford their babies diapers from the grocery store and whats more is we’re going to wage this war on poverty and finally put an ending to the tyranny of bourgeoise, and we’re going to go from living in shacks while carrying the labor on our broken backs child, cause momma’s working 3 jobs to support her 4 kids realizing poor is really not a way to live, oh no no no…
You see this nation with its education system it’s a given that with segregation it isn’t blacks or the women anymore its between the haves and the have nots, hopefully your dads got cash stashed in his back lot, or maybe crack rocks slanging in the smack spot cause in the ghetto this is where we get our stocks bought, we go from slanging to gang banging, unless the systems changing this is how we’ll remain, but we can’t live like this, no we can’t afford to live like this anymore, and we don’t want to leave the future for our kids like this, no we can’t just go out and die like this…

The Industrial Revolution
I’m sick of being told, “the world is full of gold, so grab your shovel son and go ahead and dig your hole” you’ll only lose your soul in this here material, searching for your treasures in some cracker jacks and cereal, I’d rather dig my grave than to end up so enslaved that I waste away my days working for some better wage, I can think of better ways than to build my cheddar cage as a monetary slave fake like actors on a stage.
Honor is truth and in a man’s handshake but when a man breaks his word that’s a damn shame, because his father built his honor on his last name, and you go screamin hate the player not the game, well world war II it would’ve eaten you alive you enjoy your army toys little boys could not survive it takes a real man to uphold this constitution not pollutive by products from indie revolutions, where factories were made slaves specialize the parts then the television came and it done stole the people’s hearts right, we watch the violence on tv and we don’t realize it correlates with shootings in the streets, the information technology grows exponential, it’s to improve our lives but decreases our potential, to do what we were born to, look what we’ve moved on to, tell me when you die will your computer mourn you…
We’ve put a stop to sweat shops but child labor laws drop, up off the cause when the industry of countries fall, we’ve globalized and moved on to world economy but cut our family ties and created false autonomy, nuclear warfare by scientists and engineers, who saw destruction but they closed their eyes and shut their ears, we mass produce and we must produce when, we hold the ropes to the nooses that we loosen, our news reports on our problems no solutions, we’re too advanced we need a moral revolution.

Abolitionist Newspaper
In 1619 slaves arrived in Virginia almost 4 hundred years later prejudice still continues in the hearts of the elite and of the elect but only manifest covertly with disrespect, check it… federal fugitive slave laws enacted and the African American’s freedom is retracted well, the slaves revolted the militia rebels and every one of them was hanged after time in jail cells, Garrison publishes his famous liberator Fredrick Douglas and his abolitionist newspaper, educators of a sort of a cause set forth to put an end to slavery and kill racial divorce
Free at last, free at last, free at last…
Harriet Tubman put the slaves into escape mode became a celebrated leader of an underground railroad and uncle tom’s cabin by miss Beecher Stowe man it’s still an inspiration though written long ago and, in a sense it represents the epitome of anti slavery sentiments in world history, and other attempts to put an end to all this bigotry like John Brown’s arsenal attack on Harpers Ferry, well the south secedes and the confederacy forms which in turn lights the fire for the civil war, the union is triumphant but Lincoln is assassinated, two years after his emancipation proclomated, on the plantation we had our season passes now we thank God Almighty cause we’re free…we’re free at last
You see the 13th and 14th and 15th amendments were a little too late for government repentance, well Brown vs the board of education changed the nation when it declared its standpoint on racial segregation, and the civil rights movements introduced and it starts and its lead by the Doctor and miss Rosa Parks, the Little Rock nine endure the trial of a lifetime as only adolescents horrid victims of some hate crimes… America the beautiful America the brave, home of the free but land of the enslaved.

Ain’t No Sunshine
If every single day inside this milky way were gloomy and if every kiss you blew me said goodbye you never knew me, if the atmosphere were clear and still my dear refused to shine it’d be the north star off course with planets out of line, my compass set to magnetic is spinning round and round and what I thought was stable ground has flipped my world upside down, when dusk to dawn is seeming much too long I guess it’s just that my sunshine must be gone
It’s 98 degrees inside my body when its warm, not that it’s a winter storm but its colder when you’re gone, maybe lifeless in a sense like comparing earth to mars, in this galaxy I live in I am blind to other stars, the only radiation burning hydrogen I seek when you implode I do to cause my molecules are weak, my life, my strength, even my love is gone must be I ain’t seen my sunshine in much too long .
I’m going downtown for your love babe (I put in work put in work put in work) I’m going downtown for your love ( she’s got me working with my hard hat on and on)
You see I know her favorite movie and I know her favorite dish, pick her up at 7:30 and I grant her every wish but, she kept complaining and its driving me insane, when I went through all that trouble bringing sunlight to her rain, I’m working double shifts trying hard to shuffle this, you say you wanna cuddle but you runnin from me miss, I’m playing cat and mouse bringing flowers to your house, trying hard to be your man girl, now what’s that all about
You see we made it past attraction plus the satisfaction, I kept on mackin but she just ain’t reactin, she’s playing games and it’s really hard to get her though when she’s far away yo, I just can’t forget her so, I’ve got a plan and I put it into action, make her see a love that ain’t divisible like fractions, be kind of funny like the comedies on cable, then by the nights end she lay her cards on the table bear it all

Let’s Get It On
I know you’re searchin for a perfect man, I understand that it’s part of God’s master plan, but my voice isn’t quite like Barry White and when it comes to life girl I ain’t very bright, but I can make forts in the middle of the night and play Nintendo by the candle light, and I know when the feeling’s right cause you cuddle up close and hold my hand so tight, well this feels like dynamite when our lips collide I wanna do you right, we’ve been waiting for far too long and tonight’s the night girl, so let’s get it on.
Now do you wanna dance like you used to, are you in the mood for romance, do you choo choo choose me? Cause if you do girl we can get groovy with more action than a Bruce Lee movie, and don’t worry I ain’t lookin for groupies, but when I say I love you girl I mean the term loosely, so quit your girlfriends screamin out “Who’s he?” , like I was your new boyfriend see this is news to me, but some day I might just choose to be, cause you’re the type of girl that I wanna get to know, best friends so we’re probably gonna take it slow though in the end we’ll be friend or foe so, sometimes it feels so right to do what’s so wrong, like tonight… so let’s get it on.

Library Alehouse
She was drinking, and I was thinking, that she was winkin at me. Well I don’t know but I sure wish she’d come over, and have a drink with me. I started walking, she started talking, she said all the right things, and one word it lead to another, on karaoke machines..
Oh and she moved… she moved a little bit closer… and she said… do you wanna get down?
She had a questions or a suggestion, “you need to get out and dance with me”, I said for sure and we hit the dance floor, until a quarter to 3, I said you’re good, she said you’re better, your robot it must take some batteries, you make me shake say girl you make me shiver, you got me down on my knees.
The night was over but the day began, and then she turned and looked at me and said let’s do it again well, who am I to break some young girl’s heart so we went from where we left off at the very start and she cooked me breakfast while we watched cartoons and there we laid in our pajamas til the afternoon where we played like we were silverwhere, particular spoons, while we laid up on that couch in the living room.

Westport Heights
I said now.. do you wanna have words with me cause you live in a coke can with two stories, and your mom stinks so bad she drinks febreeze and wears a necklace of vanilla car freshener trees, geeze, I feel so sad your dad’s a bum, we caught him getting out of bed about a quarter to one and then drink his malt liquor and just lay back down you know that you’re the laughin stalk of the whole damn town, the other day I was cruising down the 405 and I was told your mother used it for a slip and slide her waste line’s about as wide as the earth’s equator, when I tried to go around her there I stood a year later well, that’s ok because we’re still best friends and we’ll be baggin on each other til the century ends, yes, that’s ok because we’re still, we’re still best friends
Remember when your mom’s was mistaken for escapin the zoo cause she was harrier than baboons and scarier too, you were embarrassed for your parent’s you were turning blue so you decided to join the circus and to play the kazoo, ooh, that’s ok cause I’m not mad at you though your new best friend is merely two foot two, uh, he makes a hell of an acrobat, and his mother has a beard so you relate to that well, your big sis she’s a real go getter at the age of 37 rockin lettermen sweater’s talkin bout how she wish I would take her to prom but the problem is she’s old enough to be my mom, plus the fact that she’s havin flashbacks from ‘Nam, duckin and dodgin loud sounds like a nuclear bomb, I said peace girl, leave me alone be gone, I mean no harm so shaloam,

The other day around the way I saw you kickin a can and I stopped and said Yo are you movin man, cause your family’s so poor you store up coupons, and play the 8 track just to get your groove on, your grandma took me out for seafood buffet and said there son you’ve seen food now be on your way and that’s ok cause I can deal with that but now the last piece of food for some dirty old rat, huh uh, that where I decide to draw the line and we haven’t really spoken since 1989 but I still consider you a friend the best though it is clear that you’re a product of some deep incest, ahh yes.

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